Meet The Team

Klarisa Dimas

Owner + CEO

Hi my fave boss babes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting and shopping alden + rose. I hope you are sipping your favorite bevvie and hitting ‘add to cart’ wherever you may be. My love for fashion and connection was the basis for alden + rose. I wanted to create a fun and empowering place to be yourself and take your wardrobe to the next level.

I have always loved the freedom of expression that comes with fashion and creating your own looks. I enjoy people watching and thinking about their creativity and artistic abilities that lead to a unique outfit. I always find my favorite outfits and recreate my own version of it when I get home. I love creating multiple ways to wear one piece of clothing, not only to be creative but to get the most bang for my buck.

I am a lover of long runs, a good Cabernet, and pizza. My favorite job of all is being a mom to Evelyn Rose and Mack Alden (hence the name of the store)! My husband, Colter is the reason this store came to be. He pushes me to follow my dreams no matter how extreme. He is my biggest supporter and number one fan and I am forever grateful to him.

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Allison Sisson

Marketing Director

When Klarisa created the concept of Alden + Rose, she knew Alli was the perfect fit to take the marketing to the next level. Klarisa had watched Alli excel in every marketing challenge she faced, from Montana to California and knew her love of all things fashion. As a digital marketing professional, fellow stylist + Red Sox fan, Alli brings a lot of fun, experience, and passion to A + R! She might be too trendy for Bozeman, but we can't get enough of her fashion-forward perspective and willingness to take risks. Check out some of her favorite A + R pairings on her Instagram.

Alexia Beatriz

Boss Babe Ambassador

Why I love Fashion:

  • Fashion lets me express myself in a certain way.
  • Fashion helps me feel confident
  • It always boots my mood when I get new clothes or wear a cute outfit

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Ilda Hobert

Boss Babe Ambassador

Why I love Fashion:

  • Allows me to express myself & get creative!
  • I enjoy the scavenger hunt and finding those MUST have items!
  • it just makes me happy!

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