Here at alden + rose, we're not about throwing rose-colored filters over the lives of women. Our boutique uses everyday online influencers and non-influencers to show authentic women living their lives to the fullest, unafraid of showing their true selves.
At alden + rose we want each item of clothing to be classy, timeless with a splash of boho chic. Instead of competing, we work side by side with one another to make all women stronger and more successful.

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Our Mission

alden + rose is a boutique clothing store based in Bozeman, MT is designed for the everyday boss babe

Our boutique is designed for every woman, no matter what your status, you are a boss babe and we want you to look and feel the part.

Are you a mom enduring sleepless nights and living off coffee and dry shampoo? Are you a corporate powerhouse who works 14-hour days without time for lunch breaks in her schedule? Or that boss babe who works and makes happy hour on the daily? Regardless of your boss status, alden + rose is always on top of the latest trends that will fit any style.

We can't wait to add a special piece of clothing to your wardrobe. Our boutique will always provide what you need to make you feel confident and ready to take on the world.